[lug] Next Install Fest

Steve Webb steve at badcheese.com
Thu Jan 11 11:07:21 MST 2007

>  Why do you want to use it?  Most CF controllers do internal block
> remapping so just stick ext2 (or ext3 -journal) on it and you're good to
> go.

The main reason that I wanted to use jffs2 is not to burn out the CF card. 
I'm building a fanless Car-pc to track my driving via GPS and dump the 
data via wireless when I approach an open access point to my server.  I 
had a working system at one point, but I was using a laptop harddrive and 
either it was the weather or the vibration that killed it, so this time 
I'm going solid-state.  :)

> I would think that any box primitive enough to where you'd need JFFS2,
> you wouldn't have an IDE interface to your CF.  I could be wrong though.

I'm actually using an old 200Mhz Pentium 1 machine (doesn't rquire a CPU 
fan and has a small form-factor).  The CF is just hooked to the IDE bus 
via an IDE adapter.

> For the Gentooing, I'd probably build a chroot environment on a build
> server, get it all built and prettied up, then rsync the image minus
> portage directories onto the CF.

Not a bad idea.  Thanks!

- Steve

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