[lug] eth0 puzzle

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Jan 11 12:11:05 MST 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 gordongoldin at netscape.net wrote:

>   I had a FC3 server at a remote site. It has 2 NIC cards: Intel gigabit and D-Link
>  eth0 goes to Intel gigabit and uses DHCP
>  eth1 goes to D-Link and uses static
>  I brought it back in, attached network to eth0 and it attached with DHCP.
>  Eth0 is active eth1 is inactive.
>  ifconfig and route looks just like the machine next to it.
>  It can ping locally (including gateway) but cannot get out.
>  I pulled the drive, installed FC5 (not 6 because we have to test all systems on 6 before going on).
>  eth0 was plugged in, eth1 not
>  eth0 came up on DHCP
>  eth1 showed as inactive in Network configuration. When I pressed edit, it said "could not find configuration".
>  So I deleted eth1. and rebooted. It showed up again. Deleted again and rebooted. It didn't show up.
>  deleted eth0 and reconfigured eth0. and rebooted. and deleted and reconfigured as static at the same address. and re-activated, and rebooted, etc. etc.
>  Tried all this several times.
>  Always the same - can get on locally but cannot get out on eth0.
>  Any ideas?

I just tried doing remote troubleshooting of a similar problem and time
constraints were such that another workaround was used.  The interfaces
configured fine, but no outbound traffic was happening.  If anyone has any
ideas, I'd be interested too (this was a RHEL 4.4 box).


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