[lug] eth0 puzzle

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 12:34:17 MST 2007

On 1/11/07, gordongoldin at netscape.net <gordongoldin at netscape.net> wrote:
>  I had a FC3 server at a remote site.  It has 2 NIC cards:  Intel gigabit
> and D-Link
>  eth0 goes to Intel gigabit and uses DHCP
>  eth1 goes to D-Link and uses static
>  I brought it back in, attached network to eth0 and it attached with DHCP.
>  Eth0 is active eth1 is inactive.
>   ifconfig and route looks just like the machine next to it.
>  It can ping locally (including gateway) but cannot get out.
>  I pulled the drive, installed FC5 (not 6 because we have to test all
> systems on 6 before going on).
>  eth0 was plugged in, eth1 not
>  eth0 came up on DHCP
>  eth1 showed as inactive in Network configuration.  When I pressed edit, it
> said "could not find configuration".
>  So I deleted eth1. and rebooted.  It showed up again.  Deleted again and
> rebooted.  It didn't show up.
>  deleted eth0 and reconfigured eth0. and rebooted.  and deleted and
> reconfigured as static at the same address. and re-activated, and rebooted,
> etc. etc.
>  Tried all this several times.
>  Always the same - can get on locally but cannot get out on eth0.
>  Any ideas?


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