[lug] eth0 puzzle

Alisdair Davey ard at pergamentum.com
Thu Jan 11 12:37:56 MST 2007

> I just tried doing remote troubleshooting of a similar problem and time
> constraints were such that another workaround was used.  The interfaces
> configured fine, but no outbound traffic was happening.  If anyone has any
> ideas, I'd be interested too (this was a RHEL 4.4 box).
> Hugh

Probably irrelevant to the current problem, but I have had two situations in
which I have seen similar things. One whereby the mac address of the card
had changed and the isp (without bothering to tell us or in fact most of
their helpdesk people!) was tracking mac addresses so all packets where
being dropped depite at the hop beyond my radio tower and the second whereby
a card would suddenly stop working but could be configured just fine but no
traffic was being routed. That turned out to be in most cases the result of
the card having been fried by induced currents from nearby lightening. That
took a few times before I finally figured it out.  (There was the time the
cat-5 cable said hello to the arc-welder but that's a different story!) I
have a pet peeve about wireless companies that don't warn customers that
data as well as power lines need to be protected from spikes. I have a very
nice brown and warped APC unit that saved a dell laptop from a lightening
strike 1/4 mile away. Alas the wireless aerial was not quite so lucky!  

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