[lug] Dup linux and win boot drives to bigger replacement drives

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 16:05:28 MST 2007

In the process of upgrading 2 of my better systems, i
freed up some extra bigger drives.

I would like to upgrade/replace my "lesser system"
boot drives which are much smaller to use these bigger
drives.  One system is win xp and the other is linux
with scsi hard drives.

My boot drives on both systems are exactly as i want
them.  I don't want to install the newere bigger
drives and reinstall and reconfigure them to be like
the old smaller ones.  I would prefer to simply "dup"
the smaller drive content to bigger drives.

Is this possible?
If so how could I do this?
What utilities for win/linux (redhat)?

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