[lug] ide drive questions

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 15:45:28 MST 2007

i have a system with 4 ide devices

2 hard drives
1 cdrw 
1 dvd

file copies and moves between drives are slow.  i
think it's because the hard drives share the same ide
channel and the cdrw/dvd share the other.  my thought
is that the file ops would be quicker if the drives
were on separate channels.

is this true?

if so, is it possible to put each hard drive on a
separate channel and then have the hd share that
channel with a slower device (dvd / cdrw)?

i thought the slowest device on the channel is the
determining factor for the channel speed.

becaue of slot limiatations i can't put another ide
board in.

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