[lug] CentOS and newer packages

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 17:09:30 MST 2007

> > Can i obtain newer mysql and php packages for the
> > current release?
> Not from CentOS. 
> There may be projects that provide their own
> packages for CentOS
> however. I know there are new postgresql packages
> for CentOS4/RHEL4 for
> example from postgresql. 

How might I go about finding these sources? [other
than google ;-)]

Also, assuming that i find a more recent fedora/redhat
based package (that's not specifically tagged as
CentOS) will these work or does it have to be
specifically compiled for CentOS?  I imagine the
shared libs are probably not compatible between
versions and different OS releases.

> > If so where and how?  I'm hoping that I don't have
> to compile them but if so that's ok.

> You will need to find them from either the software
> project themselves  or a 3rd party repository. 

So if I go to the homesites for php and mysql and
download their recent stable source and compile it on
my currentl latest greatest CentOS (older libs
probably), can I be fairly assured that it's going to
work or is it possible i might be out of luck?

Some of the php/db code I'm writing depends on certain
versions of php/mysql.  I don't want to go to the
trouble of setting my server up under CentOS if I'm
not goign to be able to run my web apps on it.

> Depending on your plans, you may want to look at the
> CentOS/RHEL 5
> beta. That will have newer versions of php and mysql

Good tip.  I'll keep that in mind.

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