[lug] Personal Server Behind DSL Router

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 17:44:39 MST 2007

> forward ports 25, 53 & 80.  The only thing you need
> to make sure of is
> that your ISP doesn't filter incoming traffic on
> those ports at their
> firewall.  If they do then the workaround gets
> slightly more complex.

if they did firewall those ports, how could i get
around that?

> The replies should be handled for you automagically
> by NAT .  Just be
> aware that your outgoing packets will reveal the
> internal IP address of
> the server unless you go to the extra trouble of
> configuring the
> services to hide this information (which doesn't
> really gain you
> anything in most cases).

How would you actually do that?  Do you do that at the
service level (a config file setting) or do you do
that at the iptables level?

thanks for your responses

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