[lug] CentOS and newer packages

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Thu Jan 11 18:30:59 MST 2007

karl horlen wrote:
>>> Excellent. CentOS is a fine os. ;) 
>> <flamebait>
>> If you don't mind running ancient versions of all
>> your applications ;)
>> </flamebait>
> what would you use instead?

Don't let me sway you, I'd first recommend whatever you're most
comfortable with.  Personally though, I prefer a mix of Debian stable
and testing for my servers (and Gentoo or Kubuntu for desktops).  It
provides a small footprint, easy package management/updates and it
doesn't include X as part of it's base install, which I firmly believe
has no business ever being installed on a public server.  To me there's
a real benefit to being able to get current versions of your apps
without having to use 3rd party repositories.  I left RH around RH8 and
have vowed never to return to rpm package management if I can help it..

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