[lug] Personal Server Behind DSL Router

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 18:16:28 MST 2007

> For the email side of things, you can run your own
> webmail with postfix for
> SMTP, dovecot for IMAP, and IlohaMail/Apache for the
> webmail interface. 

I was thinking of using squirrel mail.  Any reason why
I should use IloahaMail instead?

> that you'll want to firewall off the IMAP port at
> the DSL router since
> IlohaMail and many other webmail apps want to use
> plain IMAP to talk to the
> IMAP server, but you don't want plain IMAP being
> used on the big bad internet.
> You can still leave IMAP-SSL open at the router to
> use a IMAP mail client
> remotely through dovecot.

I'm assuming that dovecot is SSL based (encrypted) to
prevent packet inspection?

thanks for your help

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