[lug] Personal Server Behind DSL Router

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Jan 11 20:05:27 MST 2007

Daniel Webb wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 08:47:00PM -0600, Hugh Brown wrote:
>> I had used horde/imp for a time and a friend was using squirrelmail.  I 
>> tried out squirrelmail and it was configured in about 5 minutes. 
>> horde/imp had taken me a couple hours.
> I evaluated most of them a few years ago when I was unhappy with squirrelmail.
> My impression of imp was that it might be good for a university but a royal
> pain for a hobbyist.  It could be easier now, that was several years ago.

It's even worse now for the hobbyist (at least this hobbyist).  We do 
use it at work (where it is better suited for a larger user base).

>> I'm going to go look at IlohaMail though.  squirrelmail is spartan, but 
>> it's really only meant to make it easy to check mail when I don't have 
>> ssh access (and for family).
> I only use webmail casually too, I use mutt if I have a ssh client available.
> It would be interesting to hear opinions from anyone who uses any of them
> heavily.  I think if you use webmail as more than a backup the correct answer
> is "gmail".

We've had this discussion at work a number of times.  The current 
generation of college freshman seemed to have come of age with email 
equating to yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and the like.  We offer IMAP support 
and a webmail client and a large proportion of the students use webmail 
exclusively.  If I had to use webmail exclusively, I'd stop using email. 
  Of course on the other end of the userbase is the pine user (and the 
former elm users still complaining that it went away).

I use mutt when away from thunderbird and webmail when away from both. 
We've also had the work discussion where email clients just suck all 
together (spawned by the mutt tagline, "All mail clients suck. This one 
just sucks less.").  I don't really prefer thunderbird, but evolution 
makes me cranky and kmail couldn't do client side filtering for imap the 
last time I checked.  Anyone have a gui/thick mail client that they 
absolutely love?


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