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Jeff Schroeder jeff at zingstudios.com
Thu Jan 11 20:14:50 MST 2007

Hugh asked:

> Anyone have a gui/thick mail client that they absolutely love?

KMail has my vote.

I'm a longtime KDE user, so naturally I gravitated to KMail.  I had been 
using Netscape Mail on WindowMaker for years (Thunderbird is sleeker 
and better, but this was Back in the Day) and decided to give KMail a 
go, and haven't looked back.

It offers tight integration with the rest of the KDE family of apps, 
supports awesome filtering capabilities so I can file incoming mail 
into a hundred different areas, and generally does everything I need 
and then some.  It can be used by the most basic e-mail newbie (like my 
five-year-old son) but still has the power to do crazy regexp rule 
matching for a power user like me.  It has nice searching, 
including "virtual folders" (in fact it had them before they were all 
the rage).

Hugh mentioned that client-side IMAP filtering isn't supported, and that 
may be true-- I don't use IMAP so I don't know.  But I'd say if anyone 
is using KDE and hasn't given KMail an honest go, they really should.  
Heck, even the GNOME crowd should take a look, because it seems much 
better than Evolution (although I admit my experience there was limited 
to "I'll try it for a day to see if it sucks").

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