[lug] Aptitude

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jan 11 22:11:50 MST 2007

Daniel Webb wrote:
> Continuing my aptitude upgrade.
> 3) Purge all the configuration files for packages that are no longer
> installed.
> $ aptitude purge '~c'

That's cool.  I've only usually used the gui, and it's not too bad for 
things like this.  But I'll use your previous trick next time I install 
a box.

> 4) When doing the initial conversion I had the "automatically include
> recommends packages" option turned off.  Now I would like to manually look at
> all the recommends packages that I missed and pick only the ones I want.  Any
> way to do this?  I've been looking at the aptitude reference manual and the
> closest I can get is a limit on '~i~Brecommends' but that shows the list of
> the packages which don't have all their recommends satisfied, but not the
> recommended packages themselves.  Any way to do this?

I don't know of anything, though I haven't looked.  Probably there is a 
separate tool that will go through the status file and grep it out for you.

But I wouldn't worry about it.  You can get a list of recommends that 
aren't installed when you upgrade things.  And if you don't notice it's 
missing, who cares?  I do sometimes notice things being recommended that 
I don't want (like FAM) and cancel them, though.


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