[lug] Holy Grail Book Recommendations

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 01:35:03 MST 2007

> The TCP/IP Guide
> (http://www.tcpipguide.com/buybook.htm) is a good
> one
> that covers everything from gopher to IPv6 and
> mobile IP.  As an added
> bonus you can also download it free online, but at
> 1400+ pages it's much
> less painful in print.

Two things.

You say it is free online but I didn't see a free
download on the site page.  Where can I download it?

Most books people are mentioning seem to focus on the
internals which is cool.  I'm wondering if there are
any books that focus more on the implementation side
of things.  

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