[lug] ide drive questions

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Jan 12 06:56:51 MST 2007

karl horlen wrote:
>>>>> i thought the slowest device on the channel is
>> the
>>>>> determining factor for the channel speed.
>>>> I don't think thats the case... it's more of a
>>>> matter of IDE channel
>>>> bandwidth. If one drive is sending a bunch of
>> data
>>>> over the channel, the
>>>> other drive has to try and fight with it to get
>> data
>>>> out. There is only
>>>> so much that will fit at once. 
>>> Can anyone confirm this is correct?  If it is, i'm
>>> swapping those drives pronto :-).
>> I can confirm that. It's certainly an easy thing to
>> do.
>> But contrary to earlier advice, I jumper all my IDE
>> devices to Cable 
>> Select (CS).
> An ide cable has 2 connectors to chain the two hard
> drives or cd/dvd devices.  When you jumper CS, which
> connector sets the device to primary (and vice versa
> secondary) - the middle connector or the end
> connector?
> I forgot. 

pretty sure it's the end connector.  it's easy to tell if you got it 
backwards in the bios though

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