[lug] A talk on Xen?

Andrew Diederich andrewdied at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 16:12:27 MST 2007

On Friday, January 12, 2007, 3:39:53 PM, Hugh Brown wrote:

> I'd love to hear a good talk on Jabber.  Unfortunately I'm far away.  So
> far I've used the jabberd server and though it worked, the lack of
> administrative tools was troublesome (i.e. you do administration by having
> each user register and then add all the buddies and if you want to do
> extra you open up a telnet client and do xml by hand).  I've also been
> playing with the ejabberd server which usu. works well, but hasn't been my
> favorite either.

> So even though the protocol has some nice capabilities, the software is
> lagging (at least the free stuff).  I can't complain though, it is all
> free.

I use the wildfire server from Jive Software, the python aim and msn
transports, and the gajim client.  The latest version of wildfire has
transports baked in -- I need to upgrade to that. The admin interface
for wildfire is quite easy to use.  We use spark as the default jabber
client at work.

On the commercial side I've used Jabber, Inc's XCP server and
JabberMessenger client.  XCP is great if you need tens or hundreds of
thousands of concurrent users.  The client is ok, but doesn't have any
advanced XMPP features I don't have in gajim, as I recall.  It does
support community groups, which are like predefined rosters.

Best regards,
 Andrew Diederich 

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