[lug] "Simple" mail MTA setup?

Phil Rasch pjr at ucar.edu
Sat Jan 13 09:38:48 MST 2007

Just a report back to you all. I have found a configuration that I like for 
a simple MTA.

I have not tried to solve the most difficult part, which was to
obscure my IP address to avoid blacklists. But I was able to satisfy
the rest of my criteria in something slightly over my "ideal" 5 minute setup
time. The good news is that at the moment I haven't yet triggered an
email rejected as being on a blacklist, although spamhaus still
triggers on my IP number.

I am using "nullmailer" for the MTA. Its advantage over the other simple
solutions that I mentioned (esmtp, ssmtp, msmtp, etc) are that it supports
a true queuing mechanism. It took about 5 minutes to setup.

It doesn't support tls or ssl natively, so I just setup an "stunnel" 
daemon to do the encryption between the laptop and the local host (another 5
minutes of thinking).

The result is that I can create mail on  the laptop offline, and it gets
delivered when I next connect. And I don't have to worry about the 
more elaborate setups of postfix or exim.

Tnanks for all your help.


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