[lug] setting subversion permissions with apache/mod_dav

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Sun Jan 14 20:17:59 MST 2007


> Tired of me yet?  The solution seems to be, add "Deny from all" below 
> your "Order deny, allow"
Heh, no, actually the opposite...happy to see the interest! I was 
worried that svn setup was too specific for enough users on BLUG to need 
to do linux admin stuff with it.

> Alternatively, you can remove the "Order deny,allow"

Just checking my email before I sleep, trying to avoid a migraine that's 
been chasing me all weekend (the Immitrex costs about $140 so I use it 
sparingly)...I tire out before they do. I'll probably know mid-week the 
results of all the above. FYI, my command line client was using svn co 
https://thepath, but I deleted cached credential files with no effect.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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