[lug] You're not a geek until you ...

Steve Webb steve at badcheese.com
Tue Jan 16 19:10:38 MST 2007

I saw a post on digg.com today about a guy who allowed people to submit 
web form input to an LCD screen, then he'd take a webcam pic of it and 
post it on the same page (digital -> analog -> digital).  I wondered how 
long it would take me to put it all together.  I had all of the parts, so 
it took me about 45 minutes of misc effort to throw together.  Check it 


Web form -> mysql -> poll, then dump to beta-brite LCD screen -> webcam -> 
scp pic to host -> update mysql -> page refreshes

I don't check for flooding and the string can only be about 10 characters, 
but I was impressed that I could actually pull it off with a very minimum 
amount of effort.

- Steve

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