[lug] Server Partitioning Recommendation

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Jan 16 20:14:34 MST 2007

karl horlen wrote:
> A) allow easier and better data
> backup/restore/recovery

This only matters if you use dump et. al., I think.  I don't so I don't 
worry about it.

> B) help isolate the impacts of partition corruption.  

I don't worry about this.

> C) Allow best performance

I don't worry about this either.  What you have is fast enough.

> D) Allow disk capacitly/space to be added later
> seamlessly.  

Use LVM.

> E) Allow me to make reconfiguring my partitions as
> painless as possible in the future if I screw the
> intial configuration up or didn't plan accordingly.

Use LVM.  If you think you'll want RAID you should do that first and put 
LVM on top.  It may be hard to change your RAID decision later.

I would make separate logical volumes for /, /tmp, /usr, /var, /home, 
/srv, swap.  If you want to share kernels between multiple installs make 
a partition for /boot (I usually don't).

On a machine like this I would make one partition per disk for RAID or 
LVM.  I have a machine that I might want to install other things on 
later so I made more than one partition in case the other things don't 
do LVM.


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