[lug] Soekris net4521

Jeffrey Brown jabrown at co.jefferson.co.us
Thu Jan 18 11:05:24 MST 2007

If you can ssh to it it's running an OS, find out the OS and the details for single user mode (assuming you can login and reboot it). I usually access mine via a serial cable.

>>> Ken MacFerrin <lists at macferrin.com> 01/18/07 9:52 AM >>>
A friend of mine recently bought a coffee shop that provides wifi for
it's customers and has inherited a Soekris box hooked into a backoffice
hub within the network.  He's able to ssh to the box from within the LAN
but doesn't want to take if offline until he knows what functions it's
performing.  Unfortunately the previous owner's "tech guy" is not
accessible so he's not able to get the root credentials and hasn't had
much time to mess with it further.

Is anyone familiar with an easy way to get to single user mode on one of
these?  It does provide a serial port which he hasn't yet tried.



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