[lug] Server Partitioning Recommendation

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 18:57:12 MST 2007

> I would make separate logical volumes for /, /tmp,
> /usr, /var, /home, 
> /srv, swap.  If you want to share kernels between
> multiple installs make 
> a partition for /boot (I usually don't).
> On a machine like this I would make one partition
> per disk for RAID or 
> LVM.  I have a machine that I might want to install
> other things on 
> later so I made more than one partition in case the
> other things don't 
> do LVM.

Just so I'm clear, you are saying that you only have
one big physical partition on each drive?  Then you
just carve them up logically with LVM.  

Assuming I have a RAID1 setup and I need more disk
space in the future, I would add 2 more drives to the

Since the original LVs were built on top of first 2
pairs of RAIDed drives will it be possible to extend
the LVs to the 2 new drives since they are "not" part
of the original RAID?

I guess I'm wondering if it's straightforward to add
new physical disk capacity to LVMs that are built on a
raid?  Having never done this I don't want to be
bitten  when it comes time to upgrade in the future.

thanks for your help

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