[lug] Which ethernet driver?

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 13:50:54 MST 2007

I've got two nics in a pc.  

One of them an onboard intel pro100 went flakey awhile
back so i disabled it in windows xp.  I then installed
a dlink to replace it and it works fine.

When I boot into system rescue cd (gentoo distro) on
that windows box to do some disk mgt with gparted, I
can see in dmesg that it loads an e100 driver for eth0
which means that eth0 is the flakey controller.

dmesg then reports that it finds eth1 and that it has
some kind of VIA chipset.  The messages here are far
less than for the pro100 and only about 2 lines.  I
can't decipher from those two lines which driver is
loaded for the dlink.

I did an lsmod, can see the e100 module and unload it
with modprobe successfully.  However, all of the other
modules listed in lsmod don't have any resemblance to
that dlink or it's chipset.  When I search in
lib/modules/.../net and grep for any drivers with the
same name as in lsmod, I still come up with no

2 questions:

1) How/where do I determine which module is being used
for the dlink or any explicit interface for that
matter?  Neither lsmod or lspci tells me anything nor
does anything else in proc or proc/net.  dmesg seems
to be my only clue and it isn't satisfactory.

2) By default, eth0 and eth1 are both up when the boot
disk boots.  Is there any harm or performance hit by
having both interfaces up eventhough one isn't
working? I manually unloaded the e100 module, 'dhcpd
eth1' only configures eth1 and my route table only
includes eth1.   So it would seem like eth0 consumes a
few resources but it will never be accessed under my
current setup.


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