[lug] Which ethernet driver?

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 15:37:30 MST 2007

> 1) How/where do I determine which module is being used
> for the dlink or any explicit interface for that
> matter?  Neither lsmod or lspci tells me anything nor
> does anything else in proc or proc/net.  dmesg seems
> to be my only clue and it isn't satisfactory.

If you have ethtool just run ethtool -i eth1 and it will tell you what
driver is being used.

> 2) By default, eth0 and eth1 are both up when the boot
> disk boots.  Is there any harm or performance hit by
> having both interfaces up eventhough one isn't
> working? I manually unloaded the e100 module, 'dhcpd
> eth1' only configures eth1 and my route table only
> includes eth1.   So it would seem like eth0 consumes a
> few resources but it will never be accessed under my
> current setup.

I would think the resources being used would be negligible.


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