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Steve Webb steve at badcheese.com
Sat Jan 20 08:33:45 MST 2007

I have an AudioTron (available on ebay for $50 or so).  Doesn't have an 
internal HD, uses a samba/windows shared drive to play from.  Looks like a 
19" wide piece of stereo equipment and had a LED (with remote) and web 
interface also.

I also have a TiVo (series 2) that will also play mp3's from a PC. 
Interace is your TV and the Tivo remote.

A google search turns up some more options:

http://cheaptightwad.com/ (search for 'roku')

This looks pretty good: http://www.sonos.com/products/?tref=ghome

As far as the ipod goes, I've went through a few portable mp3 players in 
my time.  Most of them fall apart or break in some manor after 
6-8 months of use.  Currently I have an ipod nano and it's doing pretty 
well, but iTunes is a pain in my @#$ and I haven't bothered to hook-up the 
Linux ipod software.  I use mp3's with my ipod (never purchased anything 
from itunes) and they work fine.

- Steve

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> Subject: [lug] mp3 jukebox
> i'm wondering if anybody has set up an mp3 jukebox out there.
> i'm looking for a "tiny" footprint box / appliance that can accomodate at
> least one large ide drive to serve up my collection of mp3's.  when i say
> tiny, i mean "block-like" or something that can fit on a stereo shelf.
> preferably, i'd like it to be able to start up quick and not put out a lot
> of noise or heat.
> also, is it possible to not have to use a monitor to use/control the
> device?  ideally there would be an lcd panel on the box itself and/or a
> remote control that is actually usable.
> In many ways, it's kind of like an ipod on steroids but larger and with
> the potential to have pretty big drive[s]
> pause.
> i just checked online and it looks like the latest ipod can handle 80 G
> HDs!  that's actually fairly steroid for an mp3 collection.  i've never
> had an ipod though and wonder if there will be any hastle loading the
> thing with and using my own mp3 collection on it versus that which was
> specifically downloaded with itunes.  i thought i heard something about
> copy protection or the like.  and if it's going to be a pain in the arse
> to use with non itunes downloads, i probably don't want to screw with it.
> i did a quick check to see if an ipod could use an external usb hd but it
> doesn't seem like it can and that itunes may not like having an mp3
> collection in 2 places.
> anyway, if anybody has any thought on an appliance and or has
> benefit/disadvantage experience with larger ipods, i'd love any
> suggestions.
> i'm looking for something
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