[lug] Spam solutions

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Sun Jan 21 01:16:37 MST 2007

On Sat, Jan 20, 2007 at 09:59:18PM -0700, Collins Richey wrote:

> In a word, yes. End of November spammers took a break - only 10-15 per
> day, then the gates of hell opened. Fortunately, I use gmail, and it
> only takes 2 clicks to whack them all. I've only ever seen 1-2 false
> hits every three months, and all of those are for this list!!!
> Something about Boulder and lug in conjunction with the usual spamming
> words triggers a hit <grin>.
> I wouldn't run my own mailer for all the tea in China.

There's certainly nothing irrational about that sentiment from what I've seen.
It takes a certain kind of nerdy masochism to run any kind of server yourself
I think, but especially mail servers.  

One thing I have found odd, though, is that even though I signed up for a
gmail account early on and have used it for almost nothing, there is a massive
amount of spam directed to it.  How did they get my address (is danielwebb a
common testword when scanning for mail accounts?  I don't think so.)  Google
does a fantastic job of spam filtering, probably primarily because their users
identify it for them.  But it does seem odd that so much spam has been
directed to my virtually unused gmail account.

So far it looks to me like spamassassin with all the new features is very
good at eliminating spam.  Not as good as gmail, but approaching it.

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