[lug] mouse going crazy in linux

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 19:46:19 MST 2007

I recently installed a system with a 2.6.9-42 kernel
on it.  It's working great except for one quirky
thing.  The mouse doesn't seem to work properly.  

The minute you move the mouse, whether in a console or
X, a message gets spit out:

psmouse.c Wheel Mouse @isa0060/serial/input0 lost
synchronization throwing 2 bytes away.

If you're on a console you can recover from it fairly
easy.  If you're in X it starts firing off random
clicks and X is unusable.  

I've tried to init 3 from the console but it appears
that X doesn't want to completely relinquish the tty
it normally runs on.  

Here's the rub though.  I have a kvm hooked up to both
a windows box and the linux box that share one
kb/monitor.  I haven't fully confirmed this but I
believe X and the mouse works fine if you boot to
linux and never use the kvm to switch to the windows

It seems that the minute you kvm switch to the xp box
and then switch back to linux that's when I believe
the trouble starts.  At that point the mouse is hosed
for the session.  The consoles are usable but X isn't.
 I'd like to be able to use X for webbrowsing so I can
find documentation etc without having to switch back
and forth between the linux / win boxes.

I didn't have this problem when I used the KVM with
the last 2.4 kernel installed on the linux box.  The
system, the keyboard, the mouse, the video card, and
the KVM are all identical.  The only thing that has
changed is my monitor.  I'm not sure why that would
effect the mouse though. 

Would anybody have any suggestions how to fix this?

I checked my xorg.conf and it looks like the mouse
protocol is probably being set correctly to:



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