[lug] mouse going crazy in linux

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 22:21:48 MST 2007

> Try experimenting with different drivers.  On my
> current
> system I tried *all* available mouse drivers and not
> a
> single one worked.  I then set the driver to "auto"
> and it
> worked perfectly.

I'll give "auto" a try next.

> The first thing I would do is find out what
> application
> provides mouse support on the console and disable

Thanks for this tip.  FYI, on my setup I just
discovered that console keyboard is controlled by a
program called "gpm" which uses /etc/sysconfig/mouse
to help setup it's drivers.  

> Once you have X fixed, restart the application
> providing
> mouse support on the console, find that
> application's
> configuration tool, and try its drivers.

I found the daemon gpm.  However, it uses labels to
determine what driver to load and I'm not exactly sure
where the labels are defined and mapped to precise
drivers.  At least I'm not shooting in the total dark

> If you want to stop X, find the desktop manager
> currently
> running (probably kdm or gdm) and use the same
> command as
> above from a console login. (e.g. /etc/init.d/gdm
> stop).

Oddly enough I coudln't find any script in /etc/init.d
that calls either gdm or kdm.  I am running gnome so I
imagine it would be gdm.  They must be using some
other program?

> Two other things to try:
> Plug the mouse directly into the PC, as others noted
> the KVM
> might cause problems.

Good standard check.  I really need teh kvm though but
at least it will narrow the problem down.

FYI, I just rebooted and I'm using X and the mouse
works fine here and in the consoles as well.  In fact
I'm typing this email in mozilla as I speak.  So I'm
pretty sure it's a KVM related problem.  I will send
this mail off before I use the switch to jump back to
XP and hose this session.

I imagine that when I press the hotkey sequence on my
keyboard to jump to the XP box and then back again,
some kind of signal is sent that screws things up. 
I'm not sure if actually switching the kvm at the kvm
itself would make a difference but I guess I can check
that as well.

> Try a newer kernel.  2.6.9 is quite old.

Well. It's old but it is the latest greatest CentOS
has to offer. ;-)

thanks for the tips

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