[lug] mouse going crazy in linux

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Feb 6 07:14:28 MST 2007

> How do I absolutely kill X?

on redhat based boxes, xdm/gdm/kdm is run out of inittab.  So I'd 
comment out the xdm line in /etc/inittab before doing ctl-alt-bksp

as you've already noted, your kvm is the likely culprit.  I'd get a new 
one (though I can't recommend any because they've all had problems in 
one way or another).

gpm is also known to cause problems so /etc/init.d/gpm stop and a 
chkconfig --del gpm  will disable it.

> Is the only way to recover that console to reboot?

this is also run out of inittab.  It is usu. mingetty or getty with an 
arg of tty? where ? is 1-6.  You can try and kill that process and a new 
(min)getty should respawn.


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