[lug] Live CDs book; the boot process

Chris Riddoch riddochc at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 09:29:13 MST 2007

At the meeting last night, Siegfried asked about information on
syslinux, and other means of booting Linux. I mentioned that one of
the books in our raffle stack has some good information in it, and
that I'd make a post about the book.

The book in question is "Live Linux CDs" ISBN 0132432749.

It's rather thin, and there some page filler in the form of how to use
various applications that are available in Knoppix, but the second
half of the book is focused on how Live CDs are made, with a decent
amount of information on the early part of the boot sequence, and the
various tweaks you can make there.

Rather than guess whether it's worth the money, I'm willing to bring
it to Hacking Society for anyone who wants to flip through it for
themselves before I give it away at a meeting.  Just let me know ahead
of time and I'll bring it.

epistemological humility
  Chris Riddoch

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