[lug] 2 weeks until CLUE installfest.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Feb 11 22:23:57 MST 2007

I took last week off for the Super Bowl.  Should have sent an
installfest announcement instead I guess. ;-)

This is for all you BLUG people who were asking about an installfest. 
We'll get some pizza for lunch and it should be a good time.  And if you 
don't need help installing or getting something to work, come show off 
what you know.

There will be wireless, LAN, monitors, keyboards, and power.  All you 
should need is your box.

I have a boot server to make it easier to do net installs or download CD 
images.  It should be working for these distros now: FC, SuSE, *buntu, 
Debian (finally!), Smoothwall.  If you want something else, shout and 
I'll see what I can do.  (I don't have any 64 bit distros yet, anyone 
want those?)

Don't be fooled by the sunshine and warm weather, the big blue room
isn't where you want to be on the 24th!


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