[lug] Configuring the screensaver

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 15 08:42:20 MST 2007

D. Stimits wrote:
> Gary Hodges wrote:
>> I once knew a command that I could use to activate or deactivate 
>> individual screensavers.  There is one screensaver that locks up my 
>> machine and I don't even want the option of choosing it.  Anyone know 
>> the command I'm talking about?
> I don't know individual commands, I just use the particular window 
> manager config program. FYI, about 99.99% of the screen savers which 
> lock a system up are ones that use OpenGL when the system isn't 
> completely set to use hardware accel, but has been configured to attempt 
> hardware accel. You might attempt to run glxgears and see if that 
> works...which could lock it up if OpenGL config isn't complete (never a 
> problem if you don't use hardware accel).

FWIW the offending screen saver is "Lorenz Attractor" which is not 
OpenGL best I can tell.  I was running the nvidia driver but regressed 
back to nv because gv and a proprietary package didn't work right with 

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