[lug] OT: Scanning and OCRing

Ryan Kirkpatrick linux at rkirkpat.net
Thu Feb 15 09:04:06 MST 2007

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, Nate Duehr wrote:

> Along these same lines, anyone have any recommendations for sheet-feed
> scanners that work well with Linux (actually it'd be nice if they
> worked with all the various "popular" OS's), that don't cost an arm
> and a leg?

I have a HP ScanJet 6270A with ADF I picked up off eBay a year or two ago,
cheap. It just works with Linux and SANE (v1.0.7 at least), including the
ADF. It is a SCSI scanner, but works happily with a cheap AdvanSys PCI
SCSI card. 

I can just drop a pile of paper in the ADF feeder and let it go.
Occasionally it hiccups, but rarely and a power cycle of the scanner (and
reload of SCSI modules) fixes any problems. Only negatives are that the
ADF feeder is noisy, and while it does great B&W or grey scale, color is
completely messed up. I only scan in paperwork (bills, receipts,
etc...) so it works great for me. TTYL.

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