[lug] How do I mimic the Fedora and SuSE installer's feature of creating LVMs with the xubuntu installer?

Dan Ferris dan at usrsbin.com
Fri Feb 16 00:20:47 MST 2007

If you want to understand LVM, you should read the LVM Howto. Then get 
at least 2 extra hard drives for practice. Then learn to use the command 
line LVM tools. THEN do it with the installer. Otherwise, trust me, you 
will spin your wheels. Plus when you "get it" using the command line 
utils, it will make using the installer understandable and not a pain in 
the ass.


P.S. Your error is because you didn't create any physical volumes before 
creating a volume group. An LVM volume group is made up of physical 
volumes (i.e. hard drive partitions, hardware RAID volumes, Software 
RAID arrays, etc).

siegfried wrote:
> OK, I’ve decided I don’t like debian and I’m trying ubuntu. Since I 
> don’t understand LVM I thought maybe a good way to learn about LVM was 
> to install them.
> So I had debian on this old machine and I run the xubuntu alternate 
> installer and, after telling it I want to manually partition the disk 
> (because I don’t want it to wipe out my existing NTFS partition) it 
> shows the ntfs (for windows) and the ext3 and swap left over from the 
> debian installation. I delete the ext3 and swap partitions. I then 
> tell it I want to configure the LVMs and when I select “modify volume 
> groups” and then select “create volume groups” it says “No physical 
> volumes (i.,e., partitions) were found on your disk.
> Well, well, I guess this is no surprise. So then I tell the 
> partitioner to partition the remaining free space and it dutifully 
> creates ext3 and swap partitions and then I try again with the “modify 
> volume groups” and “create volume groups”. Same error!
> I guess it would help if I knew what I was doing! Fedora and SuSE sure 
> make it simple and create LVMs for you in the remaining free space 
> without clobbering my windows partition, however.
> How do I mimic the Fedora and SuSE installer’s feature of creating 
> LVMs with the xubuntu installer?
> Can I make several logical volumes so, in addition to booting xubuntu, 
> I can also boot SuSE and Fedora and then scoot their logical 
> partitions around later? How would I do that?
> Thanks,
> Siegfried
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