[lug] How do I mimic the Fedora and SuSE installer's feature ofcreating LVMs with the xubuntu installer?

dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Fri Feb 16 02:04:24 MST 2007

> to configure the LVMs and when I select "modify volume groups" and then
> select "create volume groups" it says "No physical volumes (i.,e.,
> partitions) were found on your disk.

dan just posted to this.. a volume group can only be created from what's
known as a physical volume.  a physical volume can either be a raid volume
(hw or sw) or a partition type "lvm".  Note, i do NOT think it can be any
other partition type other than these.

Once you have your volume group, then you create logical volumes on the
volume group.  You then apply a filesystem to the logical volumes like
ext2 or ext3, reiserfs, etc..

Essentially you have lots of layers of indirection going on.

your problem is that your installer hasn't created any "lvm" or raid
partitions to create physical volumes from.  Because you don't have any
physical volumes you can't create a volume group.

Clear as mud? :-)..

You really need to spend at least a day or three checking out the LVM
howto and whatever else you can drum up on google so you have a foundation
in the concepts.  Otherwise you will pull your hair out.

fwiw, i recently did an install (not ubuntu) and figured i'd create my LVM
at install time.  It was less than intuitive and for some reason the
settings didn't seem to work correctly (it kept wanting to shift my
partitions around).  I eventually jumped out to a console, did the basic
partitioning manually with fdisk, then jumped back into the install and
did the higher level LVM config in the install.

It's working fine now.

best of luck

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