[lug] Where is the GUI version of SMBClient?

Ted Logan ted.logan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 10:03:43 MST 2007

On 2/16/07, siegfried <siegfried at heintze.com> wrote:
> I took Collins Richey's advice and tried out xubuntu by clobbering debian. I
> regret, however, I did not write down a great program that debian had as
> part of the default installation. It was a GUI version of smbclient and it
> enumerated all my samba servers on the network and you could click on a
> server and enumerate the samba shares (and then, of course, click on a share
> and enumerate the directory structure beneath that). It was in a menu called
> "show servers" or "show network" or something like that.

In my install of Ubuntu 6.06, running Gnome, Nautilus (the Gnome file
manager) does this by default. xubuntu is based on xfce, so I'm not
sure how easy it will be to install Nautilus, how many Gnome
dependencies it'll pull down, or how well it will interact with your
existing desktop environment.

If you go ahead and install nautilus, you can run nautilus from the
command line and click File, Connect to Server..., then click "Browse
Network" in the window that pops up. There is a special menu from the
Gnome panel, Places -> Network Servers, which is what you were
thinking of.

Ted Logan
Software Engineer
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