[lug] X11 mouse config, ExplorerPS/2 protocol?

D. Stimits stimits at comcast.net
Sat Feb 17 12:03:12 MST 2007


>This is what I added to xorg.conf for mine.  (And then you add EvMouse
>as an input device in the ServerLayout.)
>Section "InputDevice"
>        Identifier  "EvMouse"
>        Driver      "evdev"
>        Option      "evBits" "+0-2 -3"
>The evBits tells the driver what capability bits to match on.  That's
>how it knows what's a mouse and what isn't.  This reads the value that
>you can see in /sys/class/input/input*/capabilities/ev
I'm trying to get this working, so far I have not. I belive the xorg 
server version 6.8.2 is supposed to support the event interface, but it 
might be different from the more current versions. I updated the kernel 
to the most recent FC4 kernel, 2.6.17-1.2142, and I now have /dev/input/ 
files event0 (the keyboard) through event5. It appears though that both 
event1 and event2 are the usb receiver for this one mouse...apparently 
the usb receiver for the mouse has two event streams. One of those, from 
the /sys/.../capabilities/ev file shows value "7" (event1), the other 
has value "f" (event2). Is there any clue I can get from decoding the 
hex "7" or "f" bits? Why two event streams? I can guess that perhaps the 
mouse uses a separate set of events for reporting connect, disconnect, 
and battery status, but I don't know...and if so, which stream is the 
right one for the mouse? Is there a mapping of this value to the evBits, 
which would make me need to modify option evBits?

>As for glossy surfaces, I have found that the newer laser mice seem to
>work on anything.  Other than that, mouse pads still work, and generally
>give a smoother glide than a desktop.
I've also found that of the functionality which is enabled, the laser is 
very good on a glossy surface...they live up to the reputation as a vast 
improvement over standard optical on glossy.

D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net

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