[lug] Printing on ubuntu 6.06.1

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Sat Feb 17 13:26:22 MST 2007

At the end of the last BLUG meeting I tried to scribble some notes on my
printing problem. Unfortunately, I could not write fast enough.

For those of you that were not there, let me recap the problem:

I've tried printing with 
       (1) openoffice writer 
       (2) the test page feature 
on  Unslung 6, Fedora Core 6, SuSE 10.2, xubuntu, knoppix and (most
recently) Ubuntu 6.06.1 on several different machines trying to fix this
problem and no luck. The symptoms are always the same regardless of the OS
or the machine:

(1) It works with Windows and MSWord (for those two cases where I have dual
boot machines): the page prints fine after cycling the power on the printer.
(2) Linux always correctly identifies the printer as a G85 when I add a
printer (sometimes by pointing the browser at http://localhost:631 or, in
the case of ubuntu, using the directions at
(3) Linux always shows the job in the print queue after I hit the "print
test page" button or the print button on openoffice.org writer.
(4) The HP G85 printer never prints when I'm booted in linux.

In response to the advice at the BLUG meeting:

(1) lsusb indicates a G85 is present
(2) There is a file present called /usr/lib/cups/backend/hp
(3) lsmod indicates there is a module called usblp
(4) tail -f /var/log/messages does not give me any clues I can recognize.
(5) I've done a google search for "usb backend" but I'm not sure what I am
looking for.

I'm using hpjis-hplip 0.9.7.

I tried doing an "apt-cache search cups" and "apt-get install" on many of
the printing related packages like cupsys, hpjis, hplip and
gnome-cups-manager, and gimp-print and a few others and everything is up to


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