[lug] Printing on ubuntu 6.06.1

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Sat Feb 17 14:33:16 MST 2007

>>(3) Linux always shows the job in the print queue after I hit the "print
>>test page" button or the print button on openoffice.org writer.
>>(4) The HP G85 printer never prints when I'm booted in linux.
>What happens if, on the command line as root, you run "lpr 
><some_test_text_file.txt>"? Or as non-root? And is there output to 
>/var/log/messages (via tail -f while doing this) while running the lpr 
>command? I'm thinking a semi-direct command line tool might show more 
>information about errors.

The exact same thing happens: I see the job appear in the queue and
eventually it disappears from the queue and nothing happens on the
printer. Cycling the power on the printer is sometimes necessary with
windows. Cycyling the power with linux seems to have no effect. I
tried with both root and user "siegfried". No difference.

There is no output to /var/log/messages as a result of printing. As a result
of booting, there is a cryptic entry about a "USB bidirectional printer 0 3

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