[lug] Where is the GUI version of SMBClient?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Sat Feb 17 14:45:06 MST 2007

>> I took Collins Richey's advice and tried out xubuntu by clobbering
debian. I
>> regret, however, I did not write down a great program that debian had as
>> part of the default installation. It was a GUI version of smbclient and
>> enumerated all my samba servers on the network and you could click on a
>> server and enumerate the samba shares (and then, of course, click on a
>> and enumerate the directory structure beneath that). It was in a menu
>> "show servers" or "show network" or something like that.

OK, I have abandon xubuntu in favor of ubuntu 6.06.1 and my program is
there. It is under "Places->Network Servers". I love it: it is just
like network neighborhood in windows. Apparently this is a gnome
utility which probably could not be installed on xubuntu. But now I am
curious: what is the name of this program?

So I wanted to get my .emacs file from my windows machine. I fire up
"Places->Network Servers" and I see my .emacs on my windows
machine. Great!

Now how do I suck it into emacs? Well I tried "sudo mount -t cifs
\\\\\\C /mnt/kingc -o username=Administrator" which works
with other OSes. ubuntu comes back with "cannot mount block
device. Mounting read-only" and "ls /mnt/kingc/" reveals it has not

So I ended up dragging and dropping my .emacs from my windows machine
to ubuntu via "Places->Network Servers". Clearly my .emacs on my
windows machine is accessible! Why did not my mount command work? Why
is it necessary to mount it anyway if "Places->Network Servers"
already mounted it? Why did it not show up when I type "mount"?


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