[lug] Favorite IDEs for linux?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Sat Feb 17 15:05:33 MST 2007



What is your favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux?


I noticed that FC6 had an interesting IDE called KDevelop. Does that have a
gnome counterpart or do I have to install KDE to get that? Now FC6 I believe
gives you your choice of KDE or gnome with some radio buttons on the login
screen (if I remember correctly). If I were to install KDE on ubuntu would
it also give me a radio button on the login screen so I get a choice between
the two? If I installed KDE would I then be able to install KDevelop? I
would like to play with KDevelop.


As you might know, eclipse is IBM's $43M open source IDE and it is a
favorite with a lot of java programmers. It also has special modes for C++,
C#, python, perl, ruby etc.


I wanted to install eclipse on ubuntu 6.06.1 and figured I should install
java first. I see the java that was installed with the distribution is
1.4.2. Why is this so old? Where is java 1.6? When I try to go to the sun
site and install java 1.6, it complained that there was no directory called
"/bin" and when I fixed that with the "ln -s" command it complained some
more about some unresolved dependences.


I did apt-cache search eclipse and found a couple of entries - something
about "ejc transitional". So I tried installing those with "apt-get install"
and received no errors. I went to the menus under applications->develop
expecting to see a menu entry for eclipse but all I could find was emacs!


Hmmm. If I could install a more recent java, I would go to the eclipse site
and get eclipse there. Has anyone had success with installing java 1.6 on
linux? How about java 1.5? If so, how did you do it? Which distro did you
use? I had similar problems with SuSE and Fedora.


Sun just made a big ruckus about GPLing java about a month or so ago. I went
to their site and they were bragging that java compiled on ubuntu. Do you
suppose the linux community is a little behind the times on updating their
repositories that apt-get uses?


I remember FC 4 came with eclipse already installed but it was compiled with
gjc instead of sun's java. Last fall I used eclipse everyday to write java
but I could not figure out how to even write "hello world" using the eclipse
compiled with gjc. I want the version of eclipse compiled with sun's java.




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