[lug] Favorite IDEs for linux?

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Sat Feb 17 16:19:46 MST 2007

Visual SlickEdit


siegfried wrote:
> Hmmm…
> What is your favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux?
> I noticed that FC6 had an interesting IDE called KDevelop. Does that 
> have a gnome counterpart or do I have to install KDE to get that? Now 
> FC6 I believe gives you your choice of KDE or gnome with some radio 
> buttons on the login screen (if I remember correctly). If I were to 
> install KDE on ubuntu would it also give me a radio button on the 
> login screen so I get a choice between the two? If I installed KDE 
> would I then be able to install KDevelop? I would like to play with 
> KDevelop.
> As you might know, eclipse is IBM’s $43M open source IDE and it is a 
> favorite with a lot of java programmers. It also has special modes for 
> C++, C#, python, perl, ruby etc…
> I wanted to install eclipse on ubuntu 6.06.1 and figured I should 
> install java first. I see the java that was installed with the 
> distribution is 1.4.2. Why is this so old? Where is java 1.6? When I 
> try to go to the sun site and install java 1.6, it complained that 
> there was no directory called “/bin” and when I fixed that with the 
> “ln –s” command it complained some more about some unresolved dependences.
> I did apt-cache search eclipse and found a couple of entries – 
> something about “ejc transitional”. So I tried installing those with 
> “apt-get install” and received no errors. I went to the menus under 
> applications->develop expecting to see a menu entry for eclipse but 
> all I could find was emacs!
> Hmmm… If I could install a more recent java, I would go to the eclipse 
> site and get eclipse there. Has anyone had success with installing 
> java 1.6 on linux? How about java 1.5? If so, how did you do it? Which 
> distro did you use? I had similar problems with SuSE and Fedora.
> Sun just made a big ruckus about GPLing java about a month or so ago. 
> I went to their site and they were bragging that java compiled on 
> ubuntu. Do you suppose the linux community is a little behind the 
> times on updating their repositories that apt-get uses?
> I remember FC 4 came with eclipse already installed but it was 
> compiled with gjc instead of sun’s java. Last fall I used eclipse 
> everyday to write java but I could not figure out how to even write 
> “hello world” using the eclipse compiled with gjc. I want the version 
> of eclipse compiled with sun’s java.
> Thanks,
> Siegfried
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