[lug] Favorite IDEs for linux?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Feb 17 20:26:10 MST 2007

siegfried wrote:
> What is your favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux?

vi + bash

> I wanted to install eclipse on ubuntu 6.06.1 and figured I should install
> java first.

No, aptitude install eclipse is the way to do it.  It takes care of 
Java.  Looks like Debian is using 1.5 at the moment.  I don't know that 
there are any distros that give you "stable" and "new" together.

If Ubuntu doesn't package eclipse you should package it for them. 
Installing from source is a waste of time since no one else benefits 
from your efforts.  (OK, sorry for the soapbox.)


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