[lug] Favorite IDEs for linux?

Steve Webb steve at badcheese.com
Sun Feb 18 07:39:35 MST 2007

> What is your favorite Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux?

For C/C++:

I use wxwidgets as a windowing/widget API so code that I write can be 
compiled for Linux, Windows or Mac without too many changes.

OpenSceneGraph for a 3D API - also ports well to Win & Mac

As far as editors go, I use VIM with ctags for syntax highlighting and to 
jump around between functions quickly (":make" from within vim does my 
syntax error jumping for me).

Debuggers: ups.  It's an older debugger but I find that it's really quick 
to browse through memory when my program is stopped and check out 
structures and pointers with.  Much lighter-weight and friendlier than gdb 
or ddd.

So, more like a suite of tools instead of an IDE.  :)

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- Steve

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