[lug] Post install fest ques: Fedora xen-kernel is DNS blind and sharing a printer!

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Mon Feb 26 10:40:36 MST 2007

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 13:13:16 -0700
siegfried at heintze.com ("siegfried") wrote:

> 1.	Thanks to Kevin, I have both a xen kernel and a non-xen
> kernel for fedora core 6. The non-xen kernel sees the internet fine.
> The xen kernel can ping but cannot seem to deal with domain
> names. I see I'm using DHCP with the xen kernel because I see it
> (ifconfig) is assigned with a valid lan address and I can ping my
> router. How can I fix this? 

Very odd. Whats in your /etc/resolv.conf file? dhcp should get a list
of dns servers when it gets an IP address and add them to that file. 
Is that not happening?

> 2.	When I use the fedora GUI to
> update my software (in the non-xen kernel, of course, since I the xen
> kernel cannot resolve domain names yet), I get an error about a
> conflict in the dependences for some library needed by python-gnome.
> Apparently python-gnome is need by something that is out of date but
> I cannot determine what module. If I wait long enough, will the folks
> at fedora resolve this conflict? 

This is Fedora Core 6?
Can you tell me what the exact error message is?
As far as I know right now there is only one package with a broken
dependency in all of Fedora Core 6 + Fedora Extras (linphone). 
In fact I don't see any python-gnome package out there off hand... 

> 3.	After finally figuring out
> how to print from ubuntu (what a struggle! Thanks Dennis!) I now want
> to expose the printer (and some directory shares) to windows clients.
> I was surprised to find instructions describing the changes to cups
> but not samba. 

I'll let someone who knows Ubuntu answer this one? :) 

> Thanks,
> Siegfried

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