[lug] Post install fest ques: Fedora xen-kernel is DNS blindand sharing a printer!

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Mon Feb 26 13:57:29 MST 2007

siegfried wrote:
>> I haven't tried switching regularly between Xen/non-Xen kernels but is
>> it possible you might need a separate iptables config for each setup?
>> In non-Xen mode your device is probably as simple as eth0, eth1, etc,
>> but in Xen mode you have to consider xenbr0, peth0, vif0.0 and such
>> depending on your xend-config.sxp setup.
>> Try turning off iptables while in Xen mode to test..
> How do I do that? 

In gentoo it's "/etc/init.d/iptables stop" as root.  Probably the same
or similar for FC.

Also worth clarifying here.. Are these troubles happening while logged
into the Domain0 (host) OS or on one of the DomU's (guests)?

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