[lug] Remove files not owned by anyone.

Paul Nowosielski paul at celebrityaccess.com
Wed Feb 28 15:03:24 MST 2007

Dear All,

I have a weird problem. I'm migrating users of postfix to  new server.
After taring up the virtual directory and migrating I noticed this with one of 
the accounts:
?????????? ? ?          ?             ?                ? courierimapuiddb
?????????? ? ?          ?             ?                ? maildirfolder

These two files are owened by ? and can't be removed !


# rm courierimapuiddb
rm: cannot remove `courierimapuiddb': Permission denied

This is as root. 

So I shut down postfix and imap thinking the files could be in use with no 
luck. Any suggestions to solve this?

Thank you,

Paul Nowosielski

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