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Brian Talley b225ccc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 14:13:39 MST 2007

I would agree with Chip about Ubuntu.  I'm not experienced in a
massive amount of distros, but, so far, Ubuntu has been the most
user-friendly.  Also, given the amount of memory on your X30, you may
want to check out Xubuntu (xubuntu.org).

The VMWare idea is a good one, as well.  When I was first
experimenting with Linux, I obtained a second hard drive and used that
until I was comfortable with dual-booting (or Linux only... or
whatever you want).  I can't comment on installing with your lack of
internal CD-ROM, unfortunately.  If you can't go either of these
routes, at the least, I would recommend freeing up some hard drive
space and going with a dual-boot configuration.  That way, if you're
Linux install gets botched, you can [hopefully] still have a working

Some other resources that help me with my ThinkPad are:

Have fun,

On 3/5/07, Chip Atkinson <chip at pupman.com> wrote:
> For distributions, I really like Ubuntu.  It seems geared towards getting
> users up and going pretty easily.
> Have you considered trying linux under vmware first?  It may be that your
> machine isn't powerful enough to give a good first impression and others
> can probably comment more on that, but if you are scared about not having
> a way to back out, that may be one way to go.  You can download a free
> vmware server and install it on your windows machine adn then install
> linux.  If you mess up the install, you can keep trying without losing use
> of the system while you try.
> Chip
> On Mon, 5 Mar 2007, Bob Singleton wrote:
> > I need help and advice.
> >   I want to make the leap from windows to Linux. I'm a little bit
> > leary because I don't have an internal CD drive or floppy etc. I do
> > have an external CD/DVD drive. Should I anticipate a problem when my
> > old operating system is being deleted - will my computer be able to
> > see the external drive?  Also, someone recomend the best Linux system
> > to install, Red Hat, or what? I'm coming into this cold turkey.
> >
> >
> >     I have an IBM Thinkpad X30
> >   processor is pentium III with 1.06 MHz
> >   Memory is 128 MB
> >   Storage is 20 GB
> >
> >
> >
> >
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