[lug] new install

Lori Reed lorireed at lightning-rose.com
Mon Mar 5 15:44:34 MST 2007

Bob Singleton wrote:

> I have an IBM Thinkpad X30
> processor is pentium III with 1.06 MHz
> Memory is 128 MB
> Storage is 20 GB

Whatever distro you choose, make sure it supports the XFCE desktop 
manager. Trying to use the KDE or Gnome desktops with only 128MB will be 
  a very painful experience. This I speak from bitter experience.

For a variety of mostly historical reasons, I run Fedora Core, which 
supports all the above desktops.

Others have suggested Ubuntu, which installs Gnome. You would probably 
be better off with Xubuntu, which installs XFCE. If you can upgrade to 
256MB or more, then KDE and presumably Gnome will run just fine.


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