[lug] Q building QT 3.3 on RHEL3.0

Dan Julio djulio99 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 20:03:33 MST 2007

Thanks Zan.  I was kinda afraid of this answer.  It's
the part of linux I don't love.  I guess with infinite
flexibility comes a pretty large complexity.  I may do
what you suggest but for this and other reasons I'm
also thinking of just installing a current linux
distro on another hard drive to play with this
particular application.

I'm not looking to start a religious distro war but
what distros do people think would be good to support
current QT?

Thanks, Dan

--- Zan Lynx <zlynx at acm.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 09:16 -0800, Dan Julio wrote:
> > Hey everyone,  I'm past my level of competance
> again
> > (easy to do).   I want to run the program QLC (a
> > lighting control program).  I have to compile it
> and
> > it requires QT 3.3 libraries and headers.  So I
> > downloaded the qt package and am trying to build
> it. 
> > I get ld errors because, I think, my version of
> > Xfree86 is too old
> A few suggestions.
> Download the RedHat SRPM file for RHEL 3.0 Qt.  Look
> at how they
> configure it.
> ftp://mirrors.kernel.org/redhat .... should have it.
> If you installed nVidia binary drivers, they change
> your OpenGL
> libraries and header files.  Reinstall the Mesa GL
> libraries and
> development packages and try building.  You'll have
> to reinstall the
> nVidia libraries after you're done.
> Upgrade to RHEL 5.0 Beta?  I don't know what kind of
> deals RedHat makes.
> Does it include upgrades?  Is it a one-time purchase
> or a yearly support
> fee?
> If you're a programmer, you could try modifying QLC
> to run with older Qt
> versions.  I don't know what sort of features it
> uses from 3.3 but you
> might be able to work around them to build with an
> older version of Qt.
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